Inspire me

'The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.'

Old Wounds

Why is it the only person I feel like I need and want is 5000miles away from me. Some wounds never seem to heal…

Moving through hard times

This year already has been the hardest i’ve had in a long time. I’m doing something I love but have no desire or motivation. I know this is what I want but it seems an uphill struggle at the moment. I know what I truly want to be doing and where I want to be but this is the path I must take. One day i’ll have what I want but the realisation is setting in that it wont be easy…

As an old teacher said to me ‘Its never too late in life to be the person you want to be’

As an old teacher said to me ‘Its never too late in life to be the person you want to be’

Not everyone can make it

So as life goes back to the daily grind after christmas i find myself back in a place missing people. Someone I would consider one of my very best friends moved away from here and i very much miss her. She was by no means perfect but was broken in the same ways i am and if i cant find perfection (which i havent yet) i think thats the closest thing too it. The worst part of it all are wondering what if. I dont like people leaving me especially when i know they arent any happier where they are now from being here then. I miss our banter. Seize the moment people, dont waste a second of enjoyable time!

People Value

How do you decide what someones worth to you as a friend contrasted with the amount of energy and effort you need to put in to keep them so :/